Wilson's Project Depot

This is the project page of Wilson Saunders. He is both an artist and software engineer. He makes still pictures, 3d models, and computer games. This site will allow you and the rest of the world to download Wilson's projects for free. Unless otherwise noted all data on this web site was created by Wilson Saunders.

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Work in progress
Work in progress. Playable on Unity3d Plug-in
Bezier Path:
Bezier Shoot:
Patriot Fighter:

Ludum Dare 21: Prison Break
Rail Shooter where you quell a prison riot with bullets. Playable on Unity3d Plug-in here:

Little Bunny Foo Foo’s Assault Jetbike Challenge:
Arcade flight game based around using a grappling hook to pick up field mice and bop them on the head. Playable on Unity3d Plug-in here:

Imps Vs FanBoys:
Flash based tower defense game based on popular web series Zero Punctuation. Created for the Escapist Stonking Great Game Contest and playable here: here.

Insomnia was made for TIG Source’s Common Place Book Competition, a competition celebrating the ideas of H.P. Lovecraft. The player must climb to the top of a light house while taking drugs to stay awake. Download link and details here:

Ransack the Christmas Ninja:
The result of the 2006Christmas Hack. The player must sneak around randomly generated Ice caves in search of Santa's stolen bag of toys. Beware of orks. To get the game click here.

Sudoku Assistant:
My first BREW application. It enables the user to load and solve sudoku puzzles. It currently only runs on the BREW simulator. More detail as well as source code can be found here.

Sketch Fighter:
The result of the 2006Speed Hack. This game allows players to control strange creatures who fight it out over bananas. For more information click here.

It's Raining Orks:
A fun little game where you blast orkish planes and paratroopers out of the sky with a flack cannon. This game uses the Allegro Library for sprites and user interface. It is still in development and play balance will be addressed later.
Status: Done(100%)
Click here to find out more

Behind Enemy Lines:
The first game I have Completed thanks mostly to the Speed Hack contest deadline. In this game you play a downed ammerican pilot fighting through a jungle filled with Japanese soldiers.
Status: Beta Testing(80%)
Click here to find out more

Mallard Massacre:
A 3d shooter where the player tries to shoot down ducks as the ducks try to plook on the player.
Status: In the works (65%)
Keyboard/Mouse interface
Bullet to duck hit detection
3d texture mapped models
Animation for the 3d models
Textured terrain
Transparent water
Duck flocking AI
Plook to player hit detection.
Sound effects.
Non 3D user interface
Scoring system
Click here to find out more

Game Master's Visual assistant:
A role playing game visual representation program. It will be compleatly open ended allowing players to create their own worlds, monsters, plots ect.
Status: Early Development (40%)
Click here to download

Orbital Bombardment:
A turn based game of galactic conquest where players hurl explosive projectiles through a planetary system using the gravity of local planets.
Status: Late Beta testing (95%)
Gravity physics from multiple planets
Six different projectiles
Three different space stations
Resource collecting
Sound effects
Menue system
Play ballence

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